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Australian Consumer Price Index.

All data included in this section are sourced from Australian Bureau of Statistics publications.

CPI (All groups) to June Quarter 2016 - Percentage Movements


Year to June Qtr 16

June Qtr 15 to June Qtr 16

March Qtr 16 to June Qtr 16

8 Capitals









  • Year to June Qtr 16 compares the twelve months period to June 15 with the twelve months period to June 16.
  • June Qtr 15 to June Qtr 16 compares the three months period April, May, June 2015 with the three months period April, May, June 2016.
  • March Qtr 16 to June Qtr 16 compares the three months period January, February, March 2016 with the three months period April, May, June 2016.


    Australian Bureau of Statistics figures are displayed as a matter of reference only. The National Remuneration Centre has taken reasonable care in presenting such figures but neither warrants their correctness nor accepts any liability arising from their use and recommends that the figures be verified with the ABS before any action based thereon is taken.

    What is the CPI?

    The Consumer Price Index is a general indicator of the rate of change in prices paid by household consumers for the goods and services they buy.

    The CPI has been an important economic indicator for many years and actions related to movements in it have had a direct or indirect effect on all Australians. It has been used as a starting point by parties to the national wage hearings and by the Industrial Relations Commission in determining the size and nature of wage adjustments.

    The CPI has also been used in recent years in the indexation of pension and superannuation payments. Many business contracts are regularly adjusted to take account of changes in the CPI. Rental agreements, insurance coverage and child support payments are frequently tied in some manner to changes in the CPI.

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